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Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Characters!

TOKYO GHOUL 12 Kaneki vs Jason
Exorcist RPG

So yeah, I started making an RPG based on Ao No Exorcist and I thought maybe yourself or your followers would like to check it out? :3 It’s hopefully going to be heavily community-driven, so I could do with all the exposure I can get ^^

The blog url is ExorcistRPG.

Thankies! ^_^

AHAHAHAHA I’M LAUGHING AT MY OWN CLEVERNESS i literally have a word document titled “out of context sandy quotes” I hope you appreciate these 

Appreciation Post - Ao No Exorcist
Character Outfits - Rin Okumura with hair clip

Free! Characters: present + past


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List of favourite characters 【6Peko Pekoyama