30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Three: The character you
gradually warmed up to
↪ Tsukishima Kei, Karasuno's Number 11 Middle Blocker

this world is a cruel place. cruel and beautiful.

Happy Birthday Futaba Yoshioka! (19 June)

"Echo far and wide, my prayer. Our reverberating singing voices. Painted a momentary light, illuminating a single flower. I want to keep our hands connected. And always be with you.”

HI, let’s talk on twitter


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how many followers do u have dorkface

shut up mari

   why am I doing this
   kuurikaras' q&a

lifesflames asked “what’s something that you love that you’d give up to hang out with Rin for a weekend?”

nijimurashuuzo asked “why do you love mari so much?”

nijimurashuuzo asked “why you no post selfies?”

angelmakoto asked “is there smth you ALWAYS have with you + the reason why you’re so attached to it~”

daciio asked “What do you like the most about Tumblr?”

suzakkus asked “Best and worst school subjects?”

Anonymous asked “aria or mari”

ijnyoung asked “what is one fact about you that nobody knows about”

seikens asked “Can you fuck me in the butt”

erenw asked “What was the first anime you have watched?”

nijimurashuuzo asked “why you no move to the US?”

afiraboraaaa asked “What is your favourite anime for summer 2014 and your favourite character in it?”

I started it.This is something I can only do now. From this moment forward, with these members!

Don’t you just love foreshadowing?